Welcoming new moms to our sisterhood.

We believe that the rite of birth should be celebrated and supported. Mother's Day Connect is an annual national celebration of mothers giving birth on Mother's Day. The campaign brings together women across South Africa to acknowledge and celebrate these mothers and the bonds of sisterhood and motherhood.

Do Mother's Day the best way. Join us at a birthing facility near you for one hour of connection and fun.

Sunday, 12th May 2019

Join the movement

There are several ways in which you can participate in Mother's Day Connect.

Join a team

Team members participate in pre-visit preparation and, on the day, attend the visit.

Join Event

Volunteer to be a Team Leader

Team Leaders are the sparks that get the fire going. They link in their local hospital to the national celebration and help their teammates plan a memorable Mother's Day Connect visit. If you're interested in this see our Team Leader Toolkit to learn more.

Become a Team Leader

Support a team

Can't join the group visit on the day? Contact the Embrace team at mothersday@embrace.org.za or on 066 320 4477 and find out about other ways to get invovled.